Genitai Warts Home Remedies

arts are small benign tumors of the skin caused by a variety of measures slow virus HPV (human papillomavirus). There are at least sixty known types of HPV. May warts appear alone or in groups. Let's talk about three types of warts: warts, plantar warts and genital warts.

Common warts can be anywhere in the body, but is most common on hands, elbows, fingers, antebrabras, knee and facial skin around nails. In most casesn, in the skin is exposed to friction, trauma, or abrasion. It can also occur in the larynx (voice box), and hoarseness. Common warts can be flat or raised, dry or wet, and have a rough and pitted surface of the same color or slightly darker than the surrounding skin.

It is as small as a pinhead or grandescomme like a bean. Hautement contagious, the virus that causes common warts is acquired durchRSO-breaks in the Skin. Common warts may, if they trimmed, minced or noouched, warts on the face may be due to the beard.

Common warts usually no pain or itching.

Plantar warts on the sale of the feet and toes down. They are bumpy white that resemble maidurillon growth, unless they are asked to contact, and often bleed if the surface is cut. They have no identification is often difficult. Plantar warts tend to other parts of the body.

Genital warts soft, moist, and increasingly around the vagina, anus, penis, strip, and / or scrotum. In men, they can also the urethra. They are usually pink or red in color and resemble small cauliflower heads. Genital warts are often in groups, but can also occur individually. What are vaginal, oral or eineale, and are very contagious. Since the warts are not usually until three months or more after a person with HPV infiziert, which means that the virus can be transmitted within the institution is aware that he or she is. Although genital warts are not cancer, it sembleencausando changes in the cervix, which is a precursor of cervical cancer.

One child was born, a mother with genital warts, the virus in May. If you wait genitals, you are not alone. Between the beginning of the "sexual revolution" of the sixties and the end of the eighties, it hase warts increased tenfold. In 1990, one million cases per year in the United States section


Natural Treatment for Genital Warts

On the one hand, we can treat genital warts in the privacy of your home. In addition, you and your spouse must be handled simultaneously. How likely are you to your partner to the hospital or doctors with you?
With a sexually transmitted disease can be embarrassing, especially if you are a beneficiary of an innocent. To remain faithful, while the Christian ethics, and respect for the spouse, how to teach - the prevention and / or übertragungund sexually transmitted diseases - many people in the world today that have problems with sexual addiction, and inadvertently transmitted genital warts, genital herpes or other sexually transmitted diseases to their spouses. Of course, even with his doctor, the condition, which can be difficult. Even if the doctors are excellent and gynecology for the treatment of these conditions are a bit "by requiring that peutden
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Some treatments for genital warts include:

- Freezing (cryosurgery)

- Electrocautery (burning)

- Prescription medicines (including podophyllin - at best, a doctor, the large doses can be serious side affects)

- Poison (Podophyllum / Phodophyllotoxin)

- Laser Surg

A Look at Genital Warts

The most common types of human pappilloma virus (HPV) are the culprits behind the cause of genital warts. The good news is that this type of wart usually disappears on its own initiative with little or no treatment in the process. For this reason, it is in a medical opinion on the best measures, in response to a case of genital warts.

Since most of them disappear on their own, many doctors do not have anythingavis to do. In einerggiunta, the removal of genital warts may be waiting very painful. Depending on your location in the body is a difficult procedure and can lead to scarring of surrounding tissue, if not skillfully handled. The treatment of genital warts does not eliminate HPV infection, the infected person for the rest of your life with a high risk for other infectious, and the possibility of new outbreaks in d 'other body parts.

With eINEM condom can reduce the risks or the distribution of HPV to others, but not its effectiveness habidoestudios document. Another factor to consider in deciding the best treatment for genital warts is 20% to 50% of people treated, the warts return. After their return, they are resistant to the initial form of treatment and the other approach is usually recommended to remove them. A altroteoria medical evidence is that manyDoctors believe that the HPV-det treatment reduces the risk of transmission to others, reducing the tendency to return.

Many people are embarrassed by the appearance of genital warts, and try to start the treatment. Since the warts often disappear on their own initiative, if they do not fight or be ashamed of pain, it's a good chance that your appelloMaggio that does not go away. Health professionals in May for us to pre-medication at home podofilox als lotion or imiquimod cream. A volta to medicines in a pharmacy, you can view the medication at home and not in the doctor's office. If everything goes well, you can not ask your doctor for this reason.

Another thing you can do at home for the treatment of genital warts is to bagno.Compila your bathtub with hot water and some Epsom salts and sit, the area several times a day. Wash with warm water several times a zinfectés perthe day andthe genital area dry with a hair dryer or lamp riscaldamen

Genital Warts - How Did I Get It? How Can I Treat Genital Warts Gently and Effectively?

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In women, genital warts can be interference in the vagina and the neck. These warts are flat and nicht visible. It is important that this condition was diagnostic (through standards PAP) and genital warts, and treaties of this kind can lead to precancerous changes and cancer of the cervix.
If you have genital warts and herpes virus together, especially on the development rischiodi cancer of the cervix.
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Warts Treatment Advice

Venereal diseases Warts Treatment

Before we have a solution for STDs warts, can
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What are STDs warts? Sometimes vinerial or write venerial known as genital warts, these increases are in the vicinity of the genital area, including the anus, vagina and penis. Venereal diseases Warts
is increasingly common, as the Wart virus is spreading fast. Humanus Papillomavirus (HPV) is thevresponsabile this Managertti STDs warts. It is a virus that approximately 5 million Americans each year.

Many people do not even have STDs warts symptoms, but can the virus to other people without even having any warts. HPV can lay dormant in the body for several months and is usually during sexual intercourse. However, in rare cases, women with sexually transmitted diseases, warts, can lead toren, that children who have warts in the mouth or throat.

Most Menschenmit warts, however, people are sexually active seentre ages 15-30. This is also the age group most likely carriers of the virus.

Venereal diseases Warts Symptoms

Many people ignore the symptoms and not the search for a cure or treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, warts fast. This enables the spread of warts.

Seem small outgrowths or Verrue protuberassis, which may vary in color from red to white to color. You can find holes, but are usually in groups of a single cluster. Pruritus, which is usually not painful. This is usually the people to transform the state, hoping to go. The treatment is extremely important, as HPV and genital warts have been linked to cancer, and should not be taken lightly. They are easy to trattarer, if you know how!

What istreatment?

It is not advisable to use:

The techniques of freezing, surgical, herbal products is unknown, Sahneund, ointments and other medicines for sexually transmitted diseases, warts, because most of these products contain acids, dangerous chemicals and drugs that affect the organization.

When it comes to the treatment of warts,
Natural healing oils have been used for years and
They are the best in the Geschäftswel


what about a genital warts Treatment

Feigwarzen Behandlung ...

Feigwarzen Behandlung ist leicht zu sagen, ob das Virus, das Warzen. Es gibt mehr als 80 Stämme der menschlichen Papillomvirus (HPV), von denen 30 sind die Belastungen im Zusammenhang mit der Genitalwarzen. Dies ist ein sehr verbreiteter Virus, dass viele Menschen tragen das Virus ohne sichtbare Genitalwarzen. Es ist wichtig, zu testen für sexuell übertragbare Krankheiten, einschließlich HPV und verstrade génitalesaussi oft wie möglich, wenn Sie mehrere partnres.

Genitalwarzen sind notwendig, wenn die Warzen befinden sich rund um den Anus, Penis oder Vagina. Genitalwarzen wurden im Zusammenhang mit Krebs und ist daher sehr ernst genommen, und so schnell wie möglich. Viele Menschen vermeiden, die Behandlung, wenn eine Warze wird in erster Linie, es ist unmöglich, nicht um eine Warze. Dies ist ein Fehler bei der Übertragung und könnte révélerdansssion des Virus auf andere. Eine Warze auch multipliziert werden, und vorKann ich auch noch mit einer Menge von Warzen. Bevor die Behandlung von Genitalwarzen, wie wissen Sie, wenn Sie haben Warzen?

Genitalwarzen Symptome

Feigwarzen als kleine Auswüchse, sondern lassen sich in Gruppen, die offenbar Blumenkohl. In der Regel sind nicht schmerzhaft, sondern kann zu Juckreiz. Sie sind genereégerss auf dem Touch und können Haut-farbig oder weiß. Feigwarzen sind in derntorni des Anus, Vagina, Penis und kann interne. Manchmal, Warzen finden sich in der Harnröhre, der kann Wasserlassen erschwert. Behandlung von Warzen, aber ist kein Problem!

Sie einfach mit einem bekannten, zuverlässigen Formel
ist natürlich und enthält keine Säuren oder Drogen

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Genital warts treatment ...

Genital warts treatment is easy to tell whether the virus, the warts. There are more than 80 strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), of which 30 are the strains associated with genital warts. This is a very common virus that many people carry the virus without visible genital warts. It is important to test for sexually transmitted diseases including HPV and verstrade génitalesaussi often as possible if you have multiple partnr.

Genital warts are necessary if the warts are located around the anus, penis or vagina. Genital warts have been linked to cancer and is therefore taken very seriously, and as soon as possible. Many people avoid the treatment when a wart is first and foremost, it is impossible, not a wart. This is an error in the transmission and could révélerdansssion of the virus to others. A wart also be multiplied, and I even vorKann with Menge of warts. Before the treatment of genital warts, how do you know if you have warts?

Genital warts symptoms

Warts as small growths, but can be divided into groups that seem to cauliflower. As a rule, are not painful but can cause itching. You are genereégerss on the touch and can be skin-colored or white. Derntorni warts in the anus, vagina, penis and may be internal. Sometimes, warts can be found in the urethra, which can be difficult urinationert. treatment of warts, but is not a problem!

Just with a known, reliable formula
is natural and contains no acids or drug